Burth Electric - Solar Energy



Almost as important as the design and construction phases of your solar power installation is the process of monitoring your installation regularly.

With a data monitoring service, you can properly track your solar power installation’s production through a customized web interface. If your installation isn’t performing properly, it will send us an alert through the web, and we’ll send a service professional to your site to fix the problem. Without a DAS system, failures or problems can go unnoticed for extended periods of time resulting in lost energy savings.


Solar power installations are extremely reliable, but like any piece of equipment with an expected life span of 30+ years, they need to be well maintained.

We offer customized maintenance packages that suit our customers’ needs and only install equipment backed by manufacturer warranties and strong field performance.

Our operations and maintenance packages offer our customers a cost effective and efficient way to keep their systems at optimal performance.

Under a maintenance agreement, we will schedule annual or semi–annual site visits and inspect your installation by offering a variety of services.